Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to choose Keywords based domain?

When we choose keywords for our website before that we should choose our niche for our website.  When we choose the domain name which is related to our niche then it will be helping you to make good domain for your business.  I hope you will be getting to get more information about Search Engine Optimization before you choose the domain you can use Google Webmaster tool to get real keywords to your website.

For example, you should have a shipping based website then you can choose the domain like :

If you have export company then you choose

you can choose importer website like this :

you can choose the best domain for your niche then you can get more information to get real ideas to create your niche keywords.

You can choose the right keyword, keywords and keyword phrase to improve your site search results.  When you have to choose the keywords which should be the competitive keywords for your website.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to choose Description to our websites?

I would like to discuss about SEO in this blog which is helping for all the newbies who need the details about to make the good description for their websites.  If you want to get real seo tips to get more ideas about online business to get more traffic to your website.

How Google crawl our Websites?

Description is the main criteria to catch websites when Google crawl your website.  So you should have write competitive keywords in this right area in your description which are covering your niche words.  Also you should decide the competitive keyword phrase in the description for your website which were already searched by the people or which are searching by the people in the current situation.  Google needs good description in your html source page and also it will be helping you to understand what site you have and which is your niche to be crawled by search engine.

How to create a site description?

Your description length which is equal or less than 200 character which should not be keywords, keyword phrase.  So you should write a short description which should have equal or less than 200 characters.  It will be helping you to identify your websites niche and dynamic description to be crawled by search engine to reach the right area in the searching area by the people.  Description is the best identification after the title of your website.  So you should have write content in the description which may help you to search by crawlers.

Friday, April 8, 2011

How to choose the title?

How to choose the Title?

I chose the title for my blog which is helping me to get handsome traffic from search engines.  At the same time, we should have backlinks from other sites to get good page rank to our websites.  This is the basic idea to get real niche title to make it for searching our sites through search engine crawling.  Where should we search the title for our niche?  If you have a site then you should choose the title from your related niche.

If you have niche for dog food then you will put some example keywords like this.

Dog food,

Dog foods,

Animal foods,

free dog food,

Homemade dog food,

buy dog food,

dog food online,

If you have a site which is related to real estate then you can see the related keywords like this.

real estate,

Real Estates,

Indian Real Estate,

Real Estate Forum,

American Real Estate,

New York Real Estates,

Local Real Estate,

Apartment rentals,

Property Bazzar,

Property sales,

Online Property site,

You can find the keywords for your niche then you will get the good title for your niche.

Also you should have 120 to 150 characters in your title.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

How do we know seo basic?

I would like to say something about the basic ideas about SEO here.  I knew something about search engine optimization which will be helping us through this blog.  Why should we do seo for our websites?  Seo is nothing but Search Engine Optimization which is helping us to identify our websites to the search engine through our title, keywords and description.

When we have website then we should have a niche for our website then only we must reach the right people to get return visitors as well.  We should have right content for the right niche which is the right way to get the real traffic to our website.  Website is nothing but our expression of what we know? to impress the people who needs it.

I enjoyed to read and learn about SEO because I wanted to be a successful man in this area.  So I read lots and lots of blog and forum about it.  I hope I will be successfully update the seo news here.